A Dial Above the Rest

A Dial Above the Rest

Over a decade ago, Computime debuted its SALUS smart energy device – the smart thermostat enables users to remotely control heat in their home through a touchscreen.

A major development in the smart home industry, the technology was quickly embraced by international brands, including a leading European gas utility.

As part of a transition from a traditional utility company into a “smart home, smart energy” company, the gas utility asked Computime for its expertise in heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) fields.

But, the requirements posed a new set of challenges. The company requested a special interface using a dial instead of a touchscreen, for use by the elderly. This posed a technical challenge, but Computime proposed a solution. Our designers developed a sophisticated solution, adding a dial without affecting the display or escalating costs.

The result? This smart thermostat features a floating dial that enables customers to control and set the temperature of the home’s boiler with a simple twist. Even better, the thermostat can survive for 27.6 months without changing the battery – one of the longest-lasting lifespans in the industry for a colour thermostat.

Thanks to Computime’s problem-solving abilities and intelligent design, the thermostat has been an affordable, intuitive and eco-friendly addition to hundreds of thousands of European homes