Stay In Control

Stay In Control

Computime’s Design & Manufacturing division always has exciting projects in the pipeline. The latest to join the stable? Battery-free RF sensors that will upend the Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Imagine a tiny, moisture-monitoring ball inside your dryer that pings your phone when clothes are ready – saving energy and time.

Or a sensor that alerts your phone when a bottle of Champagne is perfectly chilled, so you don’t have to check every 10 minutes?

Customers are not just looking for IoT products, but rather smart, useful solutions that add value to their daily routine.

Until now, the seamless integration of IoT products have been plagued by batteries. Batteries pose a few challenges – not only do they need to be changed regularly, but they also contain acids that could compromise food safety.

In its latest innovations, Computime has ditched batteries altogether in favor of tiny sensors that are powered by RF signals, converted into electricity via electromagnetic signals. These sensors can stick onto just about anything – wine, laundry, lamps – and easily sync up with customers’ phones and tablets.

The applications are endless – and Computime is just getting started.