Sustainability Change Policy

Computime Group Sustainability Policy

1.0 Our Vision, Mission, and Value

The vision of Computime Group (“the Group”) is to be a leading innovator and enabler of smart and sustainable living. Our vision is to universalize smart and sustainable living through technologies, products and manufacturing solutions. We are committed to upholding five core values: Customer Focus, Solution Driven, Innovation, Collaboration and Integrity.

2.0 Our Belief

The Group aspires to drive the development of smart and sustainable living through technologies, building a better society. We are committed to integrating innovation and sustainable development into our business, reducing our environmental impact, enhancing the quality of life in the communities we serve and providing reasonable returns to our investors.

3.0 Scope of Application

The policy is applicable to the Group and its subsidiaries. The Group’s associated and joint venture companies, supply chain partners and other service providers are encouraged to comply with this policy to achieve sustainable development of our operations. The policy covers the following areas:

3.1 Laws and Regulation Compliance

  • Comply to all applicable legal requirements as well as environmental and social standards in the respective jurisdictions of our operations.
  • Uphold ethical, honest, and integral standards in all business and operational activities.

3.2 Environment

  • Respond to climate change by lowering greenhouse gas emissions, overseeing carbon footprint management, and developing strategies to increase climate resilience.
  • Improve efficiency in using energy, water and resources, reducing pollution and lessening the impact on biodiversity.
  • Innovate sustainable product development and invest in green technology development.
  • Implement smart and sustainable technology throughout our product and solutions.
  • Promote environmental protection awareness among employees and customers.

3.3 Social

  • Promote a people focused culture that supports an inclusive workplace, embraces diversity, and ensures equal opportunities for all.
  • Intensify our investment in talent development, providing ample support for employee growth and success.
  • Deliver exceptional products and solutions that satisfy customers’ expectations.
  • Embrace innovation and technology to consistently enhance the quality and safety of our products and solutions.
  • Communicate our commitment to sustainability to suppliers and partners, promote an ethical and sustainable supply chain.
  • Engage in sustainable procurement and prefer suppliers that demonstrate strong environmental and social commitments.
  • Support and make a positive impact on the communities where we operate and live.

3.4 Governance

  • Establish and periodically review sustainability targets under the guidance of the ESG Committee to promote continuous improvement.
  • Assess and report on sustainability work on an annual basis.
  • Enhance corporate governance by optimizing board composition and practices to improve our governance performance.
  • Maintain open communication with stakeholders across various platforms, understanding and integrating their expectations and feedback to drive our ongoing progress.
  • Evaluate this policy by the ESG Committee for its sufficiency and impact, making updates as necessary.

4.0 Amendment of Policy

ESG Committee is responsible to establish, maintain, review and approve this Policy. If the Policy needs to be revised, the revision shall be updated as A B, C, D and etc.