Our vision is to be a leading innovator and enabler of smart and sustainable living, and our mission is to universalize smart and sustainable living through technologies, products and manufacturing solutions.

Bernard AUYANG, Chairman & CEO

We installed energy-saving air conditioners,
saving 23,000 kWh of electricity annually.

Environmental Protection

Computime is committed to providing resource-saving solutions to society, while
rigorously managing the environmental impacts from its business processes.

Green Product Development


We endeavor to develop innovative automated home appliances to minimize domestic consumption of energy and other natural resources. Our products are designed to comply with applicable energy-related regulations, and to comply with the European Union Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (“WEEE”) Directive. Our products are easy to disassemble so that useful materials can be recovered from the obsolete products.

Environmental Management


While developing and promoting application of green products, Computime attaches great importance to the environmental management of its products’ production processes. Not only do we produce green and energy-saving products, but also make every effort to reduce the environmental impacts arising from the production processes. All production plants are certified with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Emissions Control


Computime regularly reviews environmental impacts during the production process, striving to reduce emissions of air pollutants, wastewater, waste and noise. We have formulated the Environmental Protection Monitoring Procedures to ensure that all pollutants to be discharged externally are regularly monitored for compliance with laws, regulations and Company standards. We have implemented procedures to reduce our air, wastewater, hazardous, general, and domestic waste.

Looking Forward

  • We believe smart and energy-saving technologies are the key to a smart and sustainable living and, therefore, the Company works diligently to develop innovative products and pursue operational excellence.
  • Going forward, we will continue to shoulder our responsibility as a responsible corporate citizen and to universalize smart and sustainable living through our technologies, products and manufacturing solutions. We are dedicated to bringing positive transformation to the Company and the society by contributing to environmental protection, occupational safety, workplace equality and social caring.
  • To learn more about our corporate responsibility please download most recent ESG Report.

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Climate Change Management Policy


Computime Group Climate Change Management Policy

Sustainability Policy


Computime Group Sustainability Policy