Key message from HKTDC interview

Computime is going “Smart”

Smart solutions and Internet of Things (“IoT”) are redefining our world and reshaping our life. This is the trend the world is moving towards to and it is also the key to Computime’s future development. Through years of research and development, Computime has successfully developed solutions in smart home heating based on IoT and voice recognition technologies. These solutions have been deployed as products and launched by our own brand Salus in Europe and now in North America, as well as successfully adopted by one of the largest European utility companies, serving over hundred and thousands of consumers. Leveraging on years of experience and solid research and development capabilities, Computime has established as a leading player in the smart home solution arena.

The market of smart solutions and IoT is growing rapidly. Hong Kong, with its unique geographical location and resources, is well-positioned to be a smart city and a platform for smart solution companies to go global. Dr. King Owyang, the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Computime says, “As a creative engineering and electronic control system developer and manufacturer based in Hong Kong, Computime has the favourable advantages to capture the opportunities from the Hong Kong Government to further enrich our technology portfolio, and also the business development from the Greater Bay Area in the near future. On top of the geographical expansion, Computime has the favourable advantages to capture the opportunities from the Greater Bay Area, the countries under the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as other overseas markets. In terms of business segments diversification, Computime is also actively exploring opportunities to apply the self-developed smart solutions in hospitality, e-healthcare, food and diet industries. We are aiming to be one of the top players in the global smart home solution and IoT industry.”

Recently, The Hong Kong Trade and Development Council (“HKTDC”) had a pleasant interview with Dr. King Owyang in light of the visions going forward. To know more, please feel free to view the video below.