Custom Design & Manufacturing

Custom Design & Manufacturing

Computime is a trusted name in the original equipment and design manufacturing (OEM/ODM) industry, having been the name behind world-class brands for nearly 40 years.

Our integrated offering covers a wide range of services: software, electronics, PCB layout, mechanical design, front-end interface development, mechanical package design, advanced test development, product industrialization, assembly, and mass production.

Our Design & Manufacturing Division provides OEM and ODM services across a few key market segments, including Appliance Controls, HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration) and CIM (commercial, industrial and medical applications). Style, Technology, Time to Market and above all unparalleled Quality has become the hallmarks of success at Computime, quickly winning customer’s trust as we worked with them to remain competitive, and more of than not, lead the market.

Computime’s heritage lies in developing and delivering high-quality intelligent embedded control solutions, but we also offer bespoke technology solutions that will improve the lives of end-users across various applications.

Over the past decade, we have emerged as a specialist in Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and RF connectivity, in particular, low power sensors with optimized battery life. Our extensive experience working with wireless capabilities, such as WiFi, Zigbee, BLE and Z-Wave, enables our team to engineer optimized solutions for our customers.

Our team understands the power of information in an increasingly connected world. Pushing IoT products into the future, our solutions are designed to evolve over time to adapt and deliver superior performance tailored to specific end-users.

In the near future, our smart sensors will be able to predict and prevent problems, such as water leaks, electrical fires, and even boiler explosions providing peace of mind as well as convenience to our customers.