The Pinnacle of Creative Engineering

The Pinnacle of Creative Engineering

Police forces around Europe face a complicated challenge.  Constantly on the go, their teams required body-worn video cameras that promised extended operating time and carefree seamless uploading of footage to their evidence management system while providing rapid start-up speeds, and secure control over the video footage from the camera all the way to the server to protect the evidentiary trail and integrity.,

The current models on the market weren’t up to the task, so Computime engineered a next-generation camera that would tick all the boxes. After substantial R&D, our engineering and design team working closely with the customer developed the Pinnacle Response PR6 camera. This police-ready video camera is completely wireless, enabling users to drop their camera in the charger at the police station without worrying about connecting wires.

It also offers encoding and encryption to upload sensitive footage securely, prevent editing or deletion and protect the integrity of data. To speed up the process, our engineers built a multi-channel smart queuing system that uploads footage quickly, as well as a smart docking system that’s automatically triggered when the camera is inserted into its base station.

Another key feature is the advanced embedded system. The Pinnacle Response camera spends most of the day in standby mode to save power. But as soon as it’s switched on, its springs to life in just 1.7 seconds – an industry-leading speed.

By working closely with the customer, listening to their concerns, examining the current market and applying our own original ideas, Computime developed one of the most advanced video cameras on the market.